Evangelical Crusades

Evangelical Crusades & Seminars and Conferences are the paraphernalia for throng Evangelism. We as a ministry donu2019t want to miss any occasion to share the Good News of the Bible with our fellow Christians. Evangelistic Gospel Ministries (EGM) organizes conventions, crusades, seminars and conferences in different parts of the Pakistan inclusive of Lahore and encourage hundreds of people to attend these programs. In these programs believers come and after listening to Word of God and allow Jesus Christ their personal Savior. We train and furnish native leaders of Pakistan, through leadership Conferences, training camps, and teaching materials such as books, audio tapes etc. We also established a nation-wide Bible College Network. In this chain many young men and women are studying to learn about how they could work in the field of God. We are working as facilitators for translation, production and free distribution of the faith-based books, Bibles, Gospel literature & audio/video and CD/DVDu2019s.

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