Flood Relief 2010

FLOOD 2010 & 2011

In Pakistan the EGM launched a Humanitarian Aid program dominated the picture because of floods in 2011. The total damage estimated due to floods in both 2010 and 2011 were huge and reached in billions US dollars while millions of people were affected; death toll was close to 2000. It is feared that these floods will have long term impact on the economy of the country.

The emergency response program of EGM continued also after the floods and was done in partnership with foreign Aid consisted on food and non-food items distributed among the flood affected population.

FLOOD 2012-13

Once again the history had repeated and there were devastating rain fall began in monsoon. Our governmentu2019s weak policies once again collapsed and the situation demanded external support from the international community, donors and organizations to meet the lifesaving needs of the affected people. Organizations aimed to provide immediate rescue, relief, shelter, medical aid and food, water and clothing as an immediate measure.

FLOOD 2015

Like many other years, in 2015 moon soon hit our country and from mid July it began devastating rains which became the cause of raging floods in Pakistan. All provinces of Pakistan came under severe floods. Many stream and rivers thrashed their edges and ruined livestock, crops and human beings. Many people drowned & died while who saved got displaced. Once again, the Relief in Disasters cell of EGM became attentive and under kind guidance of Edward Qaiser they make available ration and many other facilities to as much as people as they can.

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