Relief for church blast victims Peshawer


A blood-spattered blast cropped up in Peshawar on the 22nd of September, 2013 and more than a hundred Pakistani Christians died in this massacre. Right after the blast EGM felt the need to help and sharing of love is a necessary part which must be played with the Christians of Peshawar. We took care of the injured, help people to find the bodies of deceased also help many to bury their loved one and above provided aid to many children, men and women in their major surgeries. For that EGM spent a million rupees for the people affected by the blast.

EGM is still working for some orphan kids and rehabilitation of the families affected by the attack.


The Youhanabad Butchery, which transpired on Sunday, March 15, 2015 in the two Churches (St. John Roman Catholic Church, Christ Church) simultaneously. Allegedly during the Sunday service two suicide bombers attacked on those churches and many innocent Christian worshiper and way farer died while almost 100 people injured in result of blasts.

The team of EGM immediately in the leadership of Mr. Edward Qaiser the Director, EGM Pakistan stepped out in the Youhanabad and along with his core team he visited the both places where mass destruction took place. They met people and spoke compassionate words and examined the place of occurrence. He and all team members pray at those spots. The team of EGM supplied the blood for the injured victims of the blast. Also EGM provided medical and surgical help in the admitted injured people in the hospitals. A special Financial package was also distributed among all the departed and the injured.

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