Sponsor a Brickliner School

Consequently, we since then keep on empowering children withu00a0Sunday School Education,u00a0Free Educationu00a0for the kids laboring as brick liners, andu00a0Bible Distribution. When our core team has a clear vision foru00a0Christian Child & Youth Empowermentu00a0then we took first and maiden step to equip the children & youth with Sunday School Education. In these schools we are teaching not about the Bible but also polishing their ethical values and developing interest towards the Formal education. The second part connecting to this project is empowering Christian children then we started visiting and whenever we got some lead about our brick liners we reached there and encouraging the parents and child laborers about education. Third part which makes a sacred bond with our kidu2019s empowerment program is Free Bible Distribution activity. Distribution of Bible is a unique practice for the Christians and especially for the youth because it brings revolution in the lives of young brains. We did it all in limited budget and on our own. So, our efforts became fruitful and became successful in establishing a school for the brick liners. Our Sunday school and Bible Distribution activities somehow are fulfilling our vision but we have to collaborate with our foreign friends to enhance this project on wider scale to accommodate more people who still waiting for our assistance..

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