A true tide of terrorism started in 2001 and since then Pakistan took part in it by different means. Since then EGM sought this problem and started working for the displaced, disabled and orphans. Our work was on limited basis but when the current government stood firm against the terrorism and announced an internal war named “Zarab-e-Azab”, against terrorist within the northern area of Pakistan i.e. Banu & Kohat in KPK since then more than 1.8 millions became

displaced to whom we call IDP’s (Internal Displaced People). We are under our Project Relief in disasters obliging and helping many families and individuals left homeless, dislocate and wrecked by this war. In their time unrest we are providing them food, clothes, medical aid. During this war they are often facing dire housing situations as they struggle to rebuild their lives with help of EGM. We provide shelter, food, other facilities and housing assistance to help these families recover.

Recently we in accordance with Pakistan Navy Headquarters Station Commander Akbar Naqi distributed 1000 packets full of a month’s ration.