Since 2003 EGM ha established “Sewing Centers” for the Widows and Poor Christian girls. This is a welfare project to enhance the abilities of young women and to overcome their financial problem so that they could be able to support their families. These Sewing Centers starts their work by Worship session so this is not only a source of daily food and money for them but also for their spiritual growth. Right now we have 5 Sewing Centers on different places especially in rural areas.

These Sewing centers are also a source for the Education of Poor Children as well. Thus in the same building we are focusing on Religious and Formal Education as well as Sewing Centers. The Education to the Children is being provided free of cost. The significance of these Sewing Centers/Free School Education are as follows:

  • The Building is being used on rent and supported by EGM
  • Some teachers are offering their services voluntarily and some are being paid monthly
  • All the furniture is being provided by the EGM
  • All stationery for the Children education is being provided by EGM
  • More than 1200 poor girls and widows are being trained in Sewing Center