Why Education?

EGM believes that education makes a world of difference. Education is the key to tackling poverty, improving health and building brighter futures. Through education, and training the individuals can use skills to transform their own lives and communities.

Our approach

Practical skills to address real-life problems are central to all our projects.

Our work involves practical education and training, with literacy at the heart. By literacy we mean more than just the skills of reading, writing and numeracy; we see literacy as a tool for transformation under a broad definition which embraces other resources. We believe:-

“Literacy at all levels should be functional – participants learn better when topics are based on their experiences, needs and interests.”

Who we work with

We work where we can have the most impact and this is the place called Youhanabad, Lahore which is the most torment place on the face of the earth. It is the biggest Christian population in Asia but neglected one by the Government. Here, people are suffers due many things and among them is that here is no government established educational institutions. So, people have to seek education from private educational schools etc. Many non private, nonprofit org like us are working with deep sympathy for our community.

Working in partnership

All of our projects are run in partnership with community-based organizations. We combine their local knowledge and our educational GRANTS for schools and SCHOLARSHIPS for individuals. We strengthen our institutions and individuals to serve their community. Education has the power to transform a whole community. For example, becoming aware of their rights and those of others can help communities to tackle injustice and promote fairer, peaceful societies.

How we spend our money

Our foreign friends grant money makes a real difference to disadvantaged community across the Pakistan.

Where the contributor’s money goes

We take the responsibility of distributing these funds seriously which is why 87% of every pound that you donate to us goes directly towards supporting education projects.

The difference it makes

So next time you are asked how the charity you support spends its money, you can tell them with confidence. But what sort of difference do your donations make? Since 2013, 14 & 2015 your support helped us in achieving the following goals:-

  • Increase the number of multi-year projects, which enabled us to reach even more marginalized communities.
  • We are Planning to develop a new website and partner knowledge sharing hub to cost effectively increase the capacity of local NGO’s across the Globe.
  • We supported over more than1000 individuals.