The recent increase in the international prices of food commodities has had a significant impact on Pakistan’s poor Christian people. Though about half of the country’s population lives in a condition of food insecurity. But hundreds of thousands of Christians are living at risk. Except these due to disasters i.e. floods, rains, earthquakes there are needs of food.

The EGM Food Distribution Programs is a mission to strengthen especially Christian Nation’s nutrition safety net by providing food and nutrition assistance to school children and families. We are also having plans to support Pakistan’s agriculture by distributing high quality, 100% Pakistan-grown PAK Foods.

It is to share with that we are distributing food items among deprived which are:-

Ghee, Rice, Tea, Sugar, Red pepper, soap, detergent, tooth paste, spices, flour and other items etc. Under this project we are facilitating 50 families with complete food items since 2012. We select families who are really in broken condition, living beyond the poverty lines and with very low income. Our food support is based on a monthly package for at least 4-6 persons generally. Our aim is to provide at least 100 families per month. We are praying for this and soon we will be able get collaboration from our foreign friends and then this will be possible.

Families who are getting this support are very happy by this act of kindness. In their messages they declared this a sign of salvation from Jesus.