Youth is the vital crop of Christian Community and if youth have professional skills then a nation could play an important in the progress of any country. Thus, EGM took a step in shape of Friend’s Fashion Center in 2009 which is also another project of EGM Pakistan. It is unit of readymade garment situated in Youhanabad, Lahore since many years. The main purpose of this project is to empowerment of youth and to provide employment more workers.

Many young men and women got trained and many of them are producing benefits not only for this institution but for their own sake. Our Fashion Center is a production house too we use the dividends for the betterment of our youth and for the salaries of the skilled workers.

Another motto of Friends fashion is to promote the DENIM Stuff of Pakistan in international markets. This is still in the pipe line but this will be much help in the means of empowerment because with this our trainees and workers could get a chance to work aboard.

We are also saving Lives partnered with a local organization in the remote region of Pakistan where tremendous poverty forces many young girls into prostitution for survival. We Save Lives helped fund a center, it is small garment units where young men & women provide valuable services and be able to earn for their families and meet their daily financial needs, that will take them off the streets and enable them earn an income to break free from the cycle of poverty.

It is our utter request that please remember our main and remote unit in your prayers so that we save as much as women and men from doing ugly and wrong. We are also looking for contributors for the expansion of this noble program so that such units could work throughout Pakistan.