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Romans 1:16 – “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: For it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth”

(EGM Pakistan) Evangelistic Gospel Ministries of Pakistan is a Christian Humanitarian Organization based in Lahore Pakistan . EGM Pakistan is registered according to the laws of Government under Act of Societies Registration 1860 since 2006 . “At present, we realize that the millions of people are counting on us for their survival. One billion of them are afflicted by hunger, tens of millions forced to flee from their homes because of disasters and conflicts. The women and underage girls who abused and children who are dying because lethal diseases, we know how to cure. We need to tackle these problems at their root. But until we do, lives will hang in the balance. And the humanitarian community will be on the scene, rushing bravely towards danger, determined to help people in need.

  • Education For All
  • Disaster Relief
  • Awareness
  • Women & Youth Empowerment
  • Food & Hunger
  • Medical Relief


  • A twin blast transpired in Youhanabad, Lahore Pakistan on 15th March 2015 in two different churches. Consequently, inclusive of many deaths several men & women, young and old severely injured. One of among them was SIKANDAR whose eye and face injured badly. Along with other, victims to whom EGM provided medical treatment to that brave young Sikandar. He is now much recovered since then and EGM still helping on their own for treatment and other necessities.

    SIKANDAR ( Church Blast Victim )
  • Now days, Pakistan is going through the obliteration and demolition huge amount of flood waters in all four corners of country. During our facilitation for the affecter of the flood victims all around Punjab we especially want to share the testimony of two brothers whose everything ruined because of the lethal flood. Their father and a sister drowned in the water. We took care of these two brothers and provide them with relief package and some other provisions. We are now wanted to plan to establish again at their native place after the flood. But for their revival we need collaboration, strong prayers and your sympathetic contributions for these disadvantaged brothers to regain what they have lost in the raged tides of flood.

    TWO BROTHERS ( Flood Victims )
    Disaster Relief
  • Saleem belong to a very poor family. He is a street hawker and sale fruits in Youhanabad, Lahore. His income is too very little that he couldn’t even meet his both ends. In other words, his family is living beyond poverty lines. His eldest daughter was “NAQASH SUHANI” eager to get education since her childhood but their resource extremely limited. Somehow, she reached to 9th grade because of her own intelligence and natural wisdom. Now, in higher classes she required more studies beyond school activities. Hence, at that time someone referred her to EGM and when the management have the full information then under the Educational Project EGM-Scholarships released funds of Rs. 25000/- and then in 2014 Rs.36000/- for her higher studies of College. She is studying in F. Sc – Pre Medical and her aim in life to become a MBBS Doctor. She works hard to fulfill her desire. EGM approaches many bright students in Youhanabad alone to empowering Christian Youth. Come and joins us in this dignified cause.

    NAQASH SUHANI ( Brilliant Student Scholarship Project )
  • Haroon is lay person and belong to submissive family. They were living a clumsy and lumbering life. His father is ill due to a mental disorder. His mother is working as a maid in the house of a rich & rigid Muslim family. They are living in rented house. His family were crushing because heavy loan interest. About one and a half year ago he joined FRIEND’S FASHION and started working as cutting assistant. He was given Rs. 3000/- per month during training. He is a hard working and punctual young man. Along with job he kept alive his educational activities. He learnt the art of cutting within a year and Friend’s fashion offered him to work as Cutting Master in the DENIM PRODUCTION Unit. Now, he admits and praising Lord Almighty that since his promotion in Friend’s Fashion he and his family are getting out of the crisis of life time. They are paying back the loan amount on monthly basis, having hygienic food, accommodation his father with treatment. Please pray for Friend’s Fashion because through this unit EGM is empowering many men, women and youth by equipping the skill of stitching, cutting and processing.

    HAROON ( Friend’s Fashion Center )
  • Mukhtar is a young man of 28 and married. He is working as a security guard with some private office. His earning is normal but his family is accommodating. But he was not God fearing, not a regular church going person. He used liquor on daily basis. He indulged in the habit of smoking. His wife was worried because they are facing hardships since he started drinking wine. The priest of EGM one day visited their home and he invited Mukhtar to attend an upcoming crusade. There, when he listen the heart warming and soul breaking message he gave admitted Jesus Christ as his savior and gave his life to GOD. Hallelujah! Since then he attends church on regular basis and bring thanksgiving to EGM church. EGM is playing an active part for empowering the youth both genders vice versa. Please come and team up with us in this prime plan.

    MUKHTAR ( Winning Souls )
    Evangelical Meeting

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ISAIAH 58:10

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