Pakistan , second largest Muslim country in the World has a Population of over 230 million as of today . Most of the people in Pakistan are living below the poverty line and are facing many problems , lack of food, shelter, health care, education and un-employment and thus the people live in utter poverty.

Poverty has always been recognized as the major cause of death and disability.

Poverty brings on lack of safe Drinking Water, inadequate food, poor health care and poor education. All these will have effect on health.

The poverty situations in Pakistan context, reflects in the State of Punjab and Sindh. The families in slums and rural areas are normally large and often face the problems and the earning members of the family unable to cope up with the situations. Sometimes they may not get work to earn. Eventually they migrate to other places in search of livelihood or starve to meet death or disease.

The struggle of the poor starts in the womb. The child in the womb suffers from the consequences of malnutrition in the mother. The families that are living in slum areas of south of Punjab are daily wages laborers. They are living in utter poverty. They are unable to fetch their square meal a day. Some of the parents admitting their children in schools , but they are unable to continue their children studies they are not able to pay the fees in the school. Thatu2019s reason the children are being dropped from the school.


Poverty has always been recognized as the major cause of disease, death, and disability.

Now the World Health Organization (WHO) came out with the statement the Poverty is the

u2018ruthless killeru2019. Large families in rural areas often face these problems and the earning

members of the family unable to cope-up with the situations and survival becomes difficult.

The relief often comes in the form of death leaving the children as orphans and destitute.

These children starve without shelter, food and clothing and roam along the streets.


Children 3-10 years of age who are mislay their parents . The organization focuses on disadvantaged children emphasizing children abandoned by one or both parents, children from poor families, street children and children who have been abused and belong to poor socio economic conditions.

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