Adult Education Centers

Pakistan is one of the country which desperately in need of Adult and Child Education. It is in the top of list of third world country because of its illiteracy rate, which is near about 39%. And in this 39 % those people are also who could only read and write their names. Unluckily many progressive works have been done to improve and uplift education in Pakistan and its economy but all governments ignored the major problem which is to affix the frame work of education because to uplift any underdeveloped country the education plays a very important role.

And as you know that Pakistan is well known for its extremism and u201cMadrasu2019s (Islamic Schools)u201d On the other hand the Christians are here are much behind in education. You can merely find a doctor or engineer among Christians. Christian populated areas are neglected ones by the government. Government purposely not establishes the educational institutions. so we intend to change this picture. Please join us to share the light of the education in Pakistan and in this concern we are focusing on Children, Women and men to educate them. And for this we are in need of new Schools and technical training centers.

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